Wednesday, March 18, 2009

From Justin to Kelly

Most hate it, but I personally love it. The movie FROM JUSTIN TO KELLY. The studio however NEVER released a soundtrack. Well a few years ago I contacted the music producer of the movie and asked him about how to obtain the soundtrack. He sent me the songs! Enjoy!

1. Vacation
2. Forever Part Of Me
3. The Bounce (The Luv)
4. Timeless
5. Timeless (Reprise)
6. Brighter Star
7. Wish Upon A Star
8. Madness
9. From Me To You
10. Anytime
11. Anytime (Reprise)
12. That's The Way I Like It
13. Sugar

Comment if you download.
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BornToBeAPopstar said...

I never had the actual tracks. I just ripped the audio from the DVD. Thank you for the full studio tracks!

-Christian =P

Meg705 said...

I LOVE YOU!!!! when this movie came out i went every where to try and find the cd...and i mean EVERYWHERE!!

BornToBeAPopstar said...

^^^^ likewise

-Christian =P

kelkane said...

this made my crappy week sooo much better. I love this movie!! I know it is horrible but damn if I dont watch it all the time. Thanks for all your hard work.

katie said...

From Justin to Kelly is my all time favorite movie...I LOVE YOU! Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

This is really awesome! I thought this would just be ripped audio, but these are amazing! Thanks a lot!

Lis said...

I don't know why a lot of people hated this movie. I actually found it nice. =)

Anonymous said...

As if I needed any more reasons to love you! <333

Kaitlyn said...

This made me impossibly happy!!! Hahaha!!

Hayden said...

Thank you so much! I love this movie!

I was hoping to do the same thing for the music in "Disaster Movie"... can you give me tips on how to go about writing a letter to someone about that? If you have time, of course. Thanks so much! :D

Hayden Baker,

Jen Quintana said...

I remember seeing this movie, it was pretty ok. Thanks for posting up the soundtrack. =]

Ashfaque said...

That's awesome. Thanks a lot!!

Charly said...

Thank you SO much. It hasn't even downloaded yet and I'm overly excited!!! Sugar sugar come to me...

JNez said...

Hi, it seems the link is dead. Can you re-upload it for a fan?

Mary Drury said...

Hi. Is there anyway you would be able to reload the soundtrack?