Monday, March 30, 2009

UPDATE: Reuploads & Comments

Hey guys!! Just wanted to let you ALL know that we do read all the stuff on the comments and the tagboards. We read about reuploads, but other than the blog, me and Jon do have a life, and we're not on here as much as everyone of you thinks we are. Now if you've read the tagboard, you all know that Jon won't be able to post for a few days, due to a virus he got on his computer over the weekend. Now, with that being said, I will work on reuploads this week, so don't worry, all will be up as soon as possible. Some things, I don't have. Jon has those, and when I get them from him, I will reupload those, or Jon can do it when he finds the time. Again, we read every last comment and request on the tagboard, and we want to thank everyone for all the kind words they say about the blog. Look for more reuploads and more new posts this week, and in the next coming weeks.


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