Saturday, March 14, 2009


Okay, just an FYI.

Me, and now JT work really hard on this blog. We try to bring you exclusive material and fast material. However people are taking our downloads and not even crediting us.

First off, there are blogs taking our Idol studio recordings and not even crediting us. We PAY for these ourselves. You can take them just give us credit!

Then there was one blog that took two of our Exclusives, the 2 High School Musical Live Stage Show CDs, and posted them on their blog. Again DON'T STEAL WITHOUT CREDIT!

If this continues I'm going to close down the blog.

1 comment:

marquee said...

This is one of the best blogs I have ever followed! You provide some of the rarest and newest music around! and not only that, you are always the fastest one to upload them!

I hope they learn their lesson and give you credit. :)