Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Matt Giraud

Matt Giraud is currently a contestant on the 8th season of the popular show, American Idol. However, he has released 2 CDs prior to trying out for American Idol. You can download both below! Enjoy!

1. You Know
2. Im Sorry
3. One Man Audience
4. You Saved Me
5. Could You Use A Love
6. Stay With Me
7. I Wanna Move
8. Angel
9. So You
10. Too Many Nights

1. Whenever
2. You Make Me Wanna
3. He's Waiting
4. Sorry Song
5. Lettin' Go (Painful)
6. What You Were For Me
7. I Can't Lose
8. You Will Never
9. How
10. Do Your Will

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TommyGirl said...

Oh wow. Thank you so much. I love his voice. I'm gonna grab both of these.

yumi said...

thanks for these! Taking both! :) Your site is a music haven.

CDNGIRL said...

I am such a huge Matt Giraud fan! Thanks so much for adding these!