Thursday, November 25, 2010

Fefe Dobson

In honor of Fefe Dobsons new album "Joy," and realizing that I never posted her other albums, I've decided to post a discography of her albums. "Joy," is her 3rd studio album, but only the 2nd to ever be released, the first being her 2003 album titled "Fefe Dobson," which spawned 3 singles and then her 2005 album "Sunday Love," which kept getting pushed back which resulted in it never getting officially released, leaked a few years later. Love it? Hate it? Comment and let us know! Enjoy :)

01 Stupid Little Love Song
02 Bye Bye Boyfriend
03 Take Me Away
04 Everything
05 Rock It Till You Drop It
06 Revolution Song
07 Kiss Me Fool
08 Unforgiven
09 We Went For A Ride
10 Give It Up
11 Julia
12 8 x 10
13 Rainbow


01 As a Blonde
02 Don't Let It Go to Your Head
03 If I Was a Guy
04 Get You Off
05 This Is My Life
06 Scar
07 Miss Vicious
08 Man Meets Boy
09 Get Over Me
10 Hole
11 The Initiator
12 Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
13 Be Strong


01 Intro
02 Ghost
03 Thanks for Nothing
04 Stuttering
05 Can't Breathe
06 You Bitch
07 Didn't See You Coming
08 Watch Me Move
09 I Want You
10 I'm a Lady
11 In Your Touch
12 Set Me Free
13 Joy
14 I Made Out With Your Boyfriend
15 Johnny Cash
16 Black Haired Boy
17 Rockstar


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Anonymous said...

The first two album links don't work...only "Joy" does.