Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Hey guys! JT here while Jon is away on a work business trip. Listen up, and I'm only going to say this once. Whoever is reporting our Glee links NEEDS to stop! Seems like all the Re-Uploading I did on the songs last week were already reported & deleted. When I went to check my email, I had many emails from SONY MUSIC about the links, and they deleted them. It seems no matter what the heck I do to TRY to keep them up, not get reported and deleted, it doesn't do any good. So, I went ahead and posted the singles for this week. Once they are down, I WILL NOT re-upload them. I hate to do this, but I WILL be putting a temporary ban on post Glee music here. You guys can search all over the internet to find them. Do NOT post links to the songs in the tagboard or in the comments section, either. I know it's not right to punish everyone because of some people who continue to report the links, but we don't have the time to re-upload ALL of the songs once they've been reported and deleted. It was one thing when I thought someone was reporting the links, and that was it, but SONY MUSIC is starting to get involved. So for now, until I can find another temporary fix, NO Glee music will be posted here after this week.



Rain said...

Dude, just rename them! Uploading them as .mp3 clearly stating they're glee songs is not going to help anybody.

Compact them and give them a dumb name (GSW5, for Glee Singles Week 5) or something, and they won't be deleted. The christmas album is still up, afaik, and it's because you cant tell what they are.

Cheech said...
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Cheech said...

I think that DMCA is the reporting them, since your blog is becoming famous, they know where to look. If you post the songs after the show, they won't delete the post. I tried something like that before. I posted before the episode airing, my post got deleted, but when I posted the same article after the episode aired, they didn't remove the post