Wednesday, May 27, 2009

American Idol: iTunes Videos REQUEST!

OK, so guys I NEED your help!!! LoL. I am looking for ANY of the iTunes Videos for American Idol that you guys can upload and e-mail me the links to @ I am looking for ANY of the videos listed below. Thanks guys :)

Lil' Rounds

Be Without You, The Way You Make Me Feel, I'm Every Woman, The Rose, I Surrender, (Your Love Is Like A) Heatwave, Independence Day, What's Love Got to Do
With You

Alexis Grace

Dirty Diana, Jolene, I Never Loved a Man

Michael Sarver

You Are Not Alone, Ain't Goin' Down (Til the Sun Comes Up), Ain't Too Proud to Beg

Anoop Desai

Always On My Mind, Everything I Do (I Do It For You), True Colors, Ooo Baby
Baby, Dim All the Lights, Caught Up, Beat It, Angel of Mine, My Prerogative

Megan Joy Corkrey

Turn Your Lights Down Low, Put Your Records On, For Once In My Life, Black Horse and the Cherry Tree

Scott MacIntyre

Just the Way You Are, The Search Is Over, Wild Angels, Mandolin Rain, Keep the Faith, You Can't Hurry Love

Jasmine Murray

I'll Be There, Reflection: Wild Card, Love Song

Jorge Nunez

Never Can Say Goodbye, Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me

Matt Giraud

Let's Get It On, So Small, Part-Time Lover, Human Nature, You Found Me, Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman, Stayin' Alive, Who's Lovin' You, Viva la Vida


Rodrigo in Brazil.:) said...

I live in Brazil, so unfortunately I can't help you. But if you get any of the videos you requested, is there any way that you could post 'em on the blog so everyone else could have them too?

Fabs said...

Same here. I can't purchase them since I'm not from the US, although I'd like to help. What about Kris Allen's videos and the rest of Adam Lambert's videos (from the finale). And I don't think iTunes included Top 36 videos. They only started selling videos since the top 12.

James-Trey Austin said...

Yeah. I have ALL of Kris & Adam's videos. I also have ALL of Allisons. They just recently started putting up TOP36 videos, but the only ones that are left from the TOP36 on iTunes are the TOP13.

If anyone is a member of, you can get these videos as I upload them. We do not post videos here, but I've been posting them on a LOT of forums. If you're not a member of SIN yet, go to, and sign up. You'll be able to view and download the videos there :)


Rodrigo in Brazil.:) said...

Thankx, JAMES-TREY! I've just registered and I found a thread with all the performances inside. But it says nothing about them being from iTunes or not. I already have all the performances but I'd like to see what the iTunes versions are like. Have you already started posting your iTunes videos there? Could you please tell me what section of the site it is in and what the thread name is? Thanks a lot in advance!

James-Trey Austin said...

What's ur username on SIN? I'll send ya a message and find u on there :)

Rodrigo in Brazil.:) said...

OK, my username is: Rodrigo in Brazil.:)

Thanks a lot, by the way!

Fabs said...

Thanks James-Trey Austin! I also registered in the site. Thanks for the tip. Also, may i know the thread name, etc. as what Rodrigo asked? My username is binifabs. Thanks again. :)

Anonymous said...

hello i registered but didnt see the sign where it says to add ur email so i never got the activation email can u help me????
my username is



Fabs said...

Hey JAMES-TREY AUSTIN, I found the videos! Thanks for your help!

RODRIGO, look for the "Jump to" bar (or whatever you call it) below the page and select "iPod Music Videos, TV Shows & Movies" and look for the videography topics. It's indicated that they are from iTunes. I just downloaded them. Too bad it's just Adam's, Danny's, Allison's and Kris' videos, though (or are there others there I just didn't see?). Would be great if we have the others as well. Good luck. :)

Rodrigo in Brazil.:) said...

Thanks Fabs! James already PMed me with a link to the topics! I hope we get Anoop's videos soon.

RonnLee said...

I sent you two vids. :)

Fabs said...

RonnLee, you have anoops videos?

Arthur APS said...


Now, say u love me! lol


James-Trey Austin said...


I wish I could, but sweetie. We have those and they actually linked to MY Mediafire account. :)

Anonymous said...

I have some of Matt Giraud's. So Small, Part-Time Lover, Human Nature. All of Adam's.