Sunday, May 24, 2009

We Need Your Help!

I know this blog is usually me or JT posting albums or singles...well now I need your help!
I used to have the following albums but for some reason now I don't. I was wondering if anyone out there had these that they could upload for me?

Jim Bakkum - Impressed
Jim Bakkum - Ready
Jim Bakkum - Dance With Me
Heinz Winckler - Moment of Truth

Also if there are any other Artists similar (aka Idols from other countries) you think we should check out and feature on the site let me know.



Bobb said...

Found links online.. Would you like to try them?

Cynders said...

I have some suggestions for you from Canadian Idol. They are not running the show this year, so they are all from previous years.

Here are links to their myspace pages:

The first and last are from last season, the other from season 5. I have songs from all of these folks, but don't have anywhere to upload them.... so not sure how I would get them to you...

I'd love you to check them out and see what you think.... BTW, none of these guys won IDOL - Drew (Fall and Divide) came in 3rd, the Pigott brothers were both in the top 24, but only one was in the top 10. Carly Rae also placed 3rd that year.

Hope you enjoy!

Bobb said...

Here's Gareth Gate's album

Jon said...

Bobb any links you have post them! Thank you soo much!

I'll def check those out Cynders!

Olavo said...

Hey Jon. I have only 2 of Heinz Winckler's albums. The latest is practically impossible to be found. :-/
Anyways, there you are:

One Step Closer:

Come Alive:


Jon said...