Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lift Me Up

Kate Voegele just released a new single on iTunes on Monday May 4, 2009, and since I am a HUGE Kate fan now, I am bringing you this track. This song was on some AT&T Olympics CD last year, but this is a new version. I actually look forward to new Kate songs. Her songs are so deep and relatedable to everyone. Her new CD comes out May 19, 2009. Go out and SUPPORT Kate, and buy the album!! Enjoy!!


Comment if you download.
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Hayden said...

Thanks! I bought Kate's first album when it was released on a whim because iTunes "recommended" it for me based on my purchases, and I ended up really loving it. So, REALLY looking forward to new things from her!

James-Trey Austin said...

Yeah, Hayden... her first album was soo frekkin' GREAT!! Can't wait for her new one!!!

Aunt Ashley said...

Can't wait for the new CD! I simply adore Kate's voice! Thanks for posting!

Ryan said...

I just downloaded "Sweet Silver Lining" and it's incredible!!