Friday, May 22, 2009

Outta Here

Here is the debut album from singer Esmée Denters. She is signed to former Nsync and new pop music icon, Justin Timberlakes, label. This is a really good album for a first album! This was released in the Netherlands, and a few other countries today. It will be released in the US around August. Enjoy!

1. Admit It
2. Victim
3. Outta Here
4. Love Dealer
5. Gravity
6. What If?
7. Memories Turn to Dust
8. Getting Over You
9. Just Can't Have It
10. The First Thing
11. Casanova (Feat. Justin Timberlake)
12. Bigger Then the World
13. Sad Symphony (Bonus Track)

Comment if you download.
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Erin DiCesare said...

First download thank you cannot wait to hear her :-D

Anonymous said...

Loving the song outta here, so I think I may enjoy the rest of the album. Thanks for this