Friday, May 1, 2009

UPDATE on Brand New Shoes

Last week people noticed that I had been listening to tracks from Kris Allen's Brand New Shoes album. I couldn't post them at that time. Now that they have FULLY began to leak online I can post them...however I do NOT want to post them until I have the full album. Right now, I am missing ONE track. The track listing I have is only 90% official as a few of the songs didn't have track numbers on them when I got them. If anyone can help me out with the one missing track and the real track listing I would be extremely grateful!

1. Brand New Shoes
2. Beautiful Moon
3. I Was Played
4. Be My Lady
5. Running
6. Wipe It Away
7. Lovely
8. Wastin' Time
9. On Our Way
11. Land Of Smiles


Lucas C.C. said...

Hello, Jon! I'd like to know if you've got individual links for Kris Allen's "Lovely" and "On Our Way" tracks. You said you've got them, I'd like to ask them to you, if it's posible. My e-mail address is - thanks!

Anthony said...

I'm a huge Kris fan! I hope to hear the songs "Lovely" and "On Our Way" soon! It would be great if you can post up or email to me at

But is okay if you can't. I will pray that you can that missing song soon!

Rodrigo in Brazil.:) said...

Oh, please find it in your heart to share those two songs only you have (Lovely & On Our Way)! I know you said you don't wanna post them til you got the whole album but so many people will be happy if you post them. Besides, it's a good way to promote Kris and and to encourage poeple to keep on voting for him! Please, pretty please!

Thanks in advance.

See Ya!

cate said...

Is it 'Oh Holy Night'?

Bob-B said...

Still waiting.. lol

Opticles said...

Uhm, is this album pre idol or post idol? Ain't it illegal for the contestants to have an album before joining? ^^;;;;

cate said...

O Holy Night

cate said...

Oh sorry, this one:

Oh Holy Night

Anonymous said...

Can You Post These Now Pleaseeee Jon!? =] I Can't wait to hear Lovely & On Our Way.