Monday, May 4, 2009

Fight For Love

Today, the AMAZING new album by Elliott Yamin hits stores and online retailers. "Fight For Love," is, in my opinion better then his 2007 debut album. Now, this time around, his album is also full of bonus tracks! We will update this post with the bonus tracks as we get them! Enjoy!

1. Let Love Be
2. Know Better
3. Fight For Love
4. You
5. Can't Keep Loving You (From A Distance)
6. Don't Be Afraid
7. You Say
8. Apart From Me
9. Cold Heart
10. How Do I Know
11. This Step Alone
12. Someday

13. Doorway
14. Forever In You
15. The Bridge Is Burning
16. Don't Change
17. Always
18. Good Outweigh The Bad
19. Shelter
20. When I'm Gone

Comment if you download.
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Bob-B said...

Is this the real retail? People have been claiming that the retail leaked a couple of days ago but I'm not sure if it's true.. Thanks!!

Jon said...

Yes JT bought and converted it himself. Thats how we have the bonus tracks.

Bob-B said...

OIC.. I had to ask cuz the file size is almost the same as the fake retail. lol


Kevin said...

would it be possible to get maybe 320kbps cbr rips of the iTunes songs?

there's also a song called "I Believe" that's only available on amazonmp3, which is actually a new and shorter version of the bonus track had for his first album. the bad news is that it's an album-only track. I HATE THOSE! i wish they'd realize they'd make more money if they made them seperate, just make it $1.29 instead of 99 cents lol

Jon said...

Since I Believe was on the last album it wont be posted with this one.

Asad said...

track 18 is not workin for me

Kevin said...

then it should be posted for the last album because it's a different version

Jon said...

Kevin, It's a SHORTER version. The SAME Vocals. You have an issue that we're not posting it go somewhere else.

Jacque said...

Thank you!

Katie said...

Thanks :)_

Angelica Louise said...

link not working :(

spike said...

Thank you!!! Any chance you could re-up track #16? Link not working... Elliott has such a great voice! Great site!