Monday, May 18, 2009

Kate Voegele (Discography)

Today, Kate Voegele has released her 2nd full-length studio album, titled "A Fine Mess." So, in honor of that, I'm posting this album, along with the deluxe edition of her first album, "Don't Look Away." I REALLY love Kate's music and her first album, but I think "A Fine Mess," is the best of the two. You can download these below. Individual track links indicate they are bonus tracks, and are not in the original album zip files. Enjoy!

1. Chicago
2. I Get It
3. Only Fooling Myself
4. Top Of the World
5. One Way or Another
6. It's Only Life
7. Might Have Been
8. Facing Up
9. No Good
10. Devil In Me
11. I Won't Disagree
12. Wish You Were
13. Kindly Unspoken
14. Hallelujah

15. You Can't Break A Broken Heart
16. It's Only Life (Live Acoustic)
17. It's Only Life (Brian Malouf Mix)
18. Facing Up (Live Acoustic)
19. Devil In Me (Live Acoustic)
20. Only Fooling Myself (Acoustic)
21. Only Fooling Myself (Brian Malouf Mix)
22. I Get It (Acoustic)
23. Wish You Were (Acoustic)

1. Inside Out
2. 99 Times
3. Who You Are Without Me
4. Angel
5. Sweet Silver Lining
6. Playing With My Heart
7. Manhattan From the Sky
8. Talkin' Smooth
9. Lift Me Up
== Digital Booklet ==

10. Say Anything
11. Unfair
12. Forever and Almost Always
13. Playing With My Heart (Acoustic)
14. We the Dreamers (Demo)
15. Sweet Silver Lining (Acoustic)

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Bobb said...

Thanks JT!!

James-Trey Austin said...

You're welcome Bobb!! Do you have AIM? IM me at LuvLykeWinter06 if you do, and we can keep in touch :)

Anonymous said...

thank you so much! do you have Inside Out acoustic? it's available on itunes i guess

emmy010 said...

You are amazing!! :)

James-Trey Austin said...

MATT: Sorry, no. It's an album only bonus track, and I got this from her official website when I pre-ordered it a few weeks ago. I didn't wanna buy the album again. If I find it, I will post it.

Anonymous said...

ok, no prob. =]

Hayden said...

Thanks! I had never heard the original versions of Only Fooling Myself or It's Only Life... when I bought it on iTunes, it came with the Brian... mixes. Thanks!


Kim* said...

Thanks :D

Angelica Louise said...


Kevin said...

just wondering, did you get those covers off iTunes? I don't understand at all why they (iTunes) put up those horrible CMYK version of covers instead of converting it to RGB like it should be.. or they do some kind of color correction and throws off all colors. I get these directly from Universal, so if anybody wants to use them here they are (and you can put them in the main post if you want)

Don't Look Away
Don't Look Away [Deluxe Edition]
A Fine Mess
A Fine Mess [Deluxe Edition]

personally, the original pink dress looks better than the photoshopped yellow dress lol but the pink dress would look better with the purple font.

and thanks for the songs.

Allison said...


Anonymous said...

thank you! thank you!

Anonymous said...

Inside Out (Acoustic):

James-Trey Austin said...

THANKS MATT, so much for the Inside Out Acoustic version. Will add that to the post now :) You're wonderful!! :) <3


Anonymous said...

Thanks! i adore kate's music, and i have been looking all over for the acoustic of i get it and wish you were! finding this post made my day :-)

bs said...


Anna said...

oh no... Have you deleted Sweet Silver Lining Acoustic vers? Do you know where else I can find it pls?