Monday, May 25, 2009

Mandy Moore Discography

Tomorrow, the new Mandy Moore CD, "Amanda Leigh," is being released in stores and online retailers. In honor of the new album, here are ALL her studio CDs! This has been quite enjoyable doing these because it allowed me to listen to some of the songs on her other 4 albums, that I hadn't listened to in a while, and see how much further shes come since her "pop" days, to making the music that is truly 100% her! Enjoy!

1. So Real
2. Candy
3. What You Want
4. Walk Me Home
5. Lock Me In Your Heart
6. Telephone (Interlude)
7. Quit Breaking My Heart
8. Let Me Be the One
9. Not Too Young
10. Love Shot
11. I Like It
12. Love You for Always
13. Quit Breaking My Heart (Reprise)

1. I Wanna Be With You
2. Everything My Heart Desires
3. Want You Back
4. The Way to My Heart
5. So Real (Wade Robson remix)
6. Lock Me in Your Heart
7. Walk Me Home
8. I Like It
9. So Real
10. Candy (Wade Robson remix)
11. Your Face
12. I Wanna Be With You (Soul Solution Remix)

1. In My Pocket
2. You Remind Me
3. Saturate Me
4. One Sided Love
5. 17
6. Cry
7. Crush
8. It Only Took a Minute
9. Turn the Clock Around
10. Yo-Yo
11. From Loving You
12. Split Chick
13. When I Talk to You

1. Sense Working Overtime
2. The Whole of the Moon
3. Can We Still Be Friends
4. I Feel the Eath Move
5. Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters
6. Drop the Pilot
7. Moonshadow
8. One Way or Another
9. Breaking Us In Two
10. Anticipation
11. Help Me
12. Have a Little Faith In Me

1. Extraordinary
2. All Good Things
3. Slummin' In Paradise
4. Most of Me
5. Few Days Down
6. Can't You Just Adore Her
7. Looking Forward to Looking Back
8. Wild Hope
9. Nothing That You Are
10. Latest Mistake
11. Ladies' Choice
12. Gardenia
13. Swept Away
14. Could Have Been Watchin' You
15. All Good Things (Raw Version)

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Analitico Busca... said...

i have all of her albums and i'm happy there are some other fans out there that appreciate her journey. I think that allows us to enjoy her new music even more, because we know it what SHE wants to do
i'm downloading amanda leigh right now, i'm planning to buy it, i'll try target version as it offers the demos for my favourite tracks on the album

never knew about your blog, but it's definetely going to my ffs ;)

Jase said...

thanks so much for posting mandy's discography.... i haven't really taken time to listen to her music, so i think now's the best time to start (^^,)

Amaranta said...

I love her new album – according to Mandy, this album is her bravest, most intimate project to date.

Check out a live performance of some of my favorites, “Nothing Everything” and “Love To Love Me Back,” and others!

Anonymous said...

thanks for uploading mandy moore's discography~ been looking for her first album for quite a while now. =)